Guilt-Free Ferrero Rocher Balls

Looking for the perfect healthy replacement to satisfy your Ferrero Rocher addiction?  These Guilt-Free Ferrero Rocher Balls are just the thing!  Decadent, filling and delicious, you wouldn’t believe that they’re also super-healthy, good for you and all-natural too!

These are not only one of my favourite recipes, but …

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Winter Quinoa & Wild Rice Salad

This colour-popping, vitamin-fuelled, anti-oxidant and protein-packed salad is guaranteed to be a big hit on any buffet table.  With its hearty wholesome ingredients, it’s also the perfect salad for winter – when you might not feel like a big bowl of plain chopped veg!  It would also be ideal …

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New Year, New You

Image: Vogue Italy

It’s easy to give up on drastic New Year’s resolutions, but it’s the little lifestyle changes over the course of the year that make the biggest impact on your health.  Luckily for you, however, …

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Braised Red Cabbage with Chestnuts

This delicious sweet and sour cabbage is a quick and easy side dish, with chestnuts added for an even tastier version of the classic “cooked red cabbage”.  It pairs perfectly as a side dish to chicken or turkey, or even a vegetarian nut-roast or veggie burgers, for a healthy, hearty …

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Tropical Mango Energy Balls

Looking for the perfect snack to have on hand to satisfy those mid-afternoon munchies or late-night sweet cravings?  These all-healthy Tropical Mango Energy Balls are just the thing!  Naturally sweet, decadent, filling and delicious, you wouldn’t believe that they’re also super-healthy and all-natural, too!  They’ll also make …

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The Food Effect Greek Salad

As I’ve been on a roll with The Food Effect Skinny Chicken Salad Deluxe and my Tuscan Style Tuna Bean Salad, (both of which proved extremely popular), I thought I’d get one more salad recipe in (for now!) to round out the trio – while the sun’s …

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Tuscan-Style Tuna Bean Salad

Following on from the popularity of The Food Effect Skinny Chicken Salad Deluxe, here’s another great salad to make on summer days when you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for hours slaving over a hot stove, or putting things in and out of a hot …

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The Food Effect Skinny Chicken Salad Deluxe

This satisfying salad makes an ideal healthy lunch or light dinner for those either trying to lose weight or stay slim and healthy – without wanting to compromise on enjoying delicious meals!

This protein-packed, fibre-filled salad is as good for you as it is colourful, and delicious.  What’s more, …

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Spices Galore

Spices have played an important part in both the history of food and trading.  The opening up of trade routes between West and East was largely due to the demand for spices in Europe, thanks to the dual purpose they served: both enlivening an otherwise bland diet and disguising the …

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Minted Mushy Peas & The New Green Toast

I think we’ve all seen enough pictures and recipes for every variation of “Avocado Toast” you could possibly imagine.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be a lover and advocate of the classic Avo Toast, but in this post, toast says goodbye to avocado and welcomes peas …

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